The Beauty Bits We Don't Really Need, But Have Plenty Anyway
We all have our beauty weaknesses. The bits and bobs we can’t help but scoop up regardless of what else we have in our collection. I thought it time to write an ode to those products because although I’m very much aware that I don’t need any more, I pick more up anyway.
A fleet of my lips but better lipsticks
I think it’s safe to say I have about 20 different lipsticks that if I am completely honest with myself, are more or less than same color. We all have that shade of lipstick that just works for us and we need to scoop up every slight shade variation of it we possibly can.
Another neutral palette
Nothing can make a beauty junkie’s heart pitter patter like a shiny new palette, but man do I have like three too many. What is it about a collection of shadows grouped together in a flattering package that causes even the strongest willed makeup enthusiast to say, “screw it” and buy another one? I know I’ve said one too many times that it’s “good for travel” knowing full well I rarely leave my apartment let alone take my makeup anywhere adventurous. 
A bronzer that’s too dark/orange for our skin
We’ll make it work eventually right? I know I’m a pale person, but I can’t seem to part with the bronzer that’s obviously too dark for my skin. Maybe I think if I pray hard enough I’ll become sun-kissed and the perfect bronze match. 
More nail polishes than any one person could use
We need all the shade options apparently. Nail polishes are one of those beauty bits that can just stack up until you have drawers spilling with fifty different shades of blue (just me?). Plus let’s be honest, I rarely paint my nails anyway. 
Oh makeup. It always has a way of sucking you back in when you swear you won’t buy another rose toned blush or mauve lipstick. But you can’t help but love the struggle.
What beauty products do you have too many of? What products do you know you just don’t need but can’t help getting more of anyway?
xoxo Kayla