10 Ways to Save Money
Alex and I are in full boxing mode to prep for the move and really working on our budget. Getting a new home can definitely put a new strain on finances so we’ve come up with a few ways to save money in the process. So whether you just want a few extra bucks in your pocket or are making a big housing leap like us, here are ten ways to keep more cash.
  1. Sell unused things to consignment shops, in garage sales, or to thrift stores. Sure you won’t make mountains of money, but if you were just going to throw them away anyway this could be a great way to get something back before they get passed on.
  2. Shop your stash rather than buying new things. Do you really need that nail polish or are there other ones like that in your collection? Take a shopping trip to your makeup drawers or in your closet. You never know what you might find.
  3. Have a swap with friends to exchange clothing and makeup. That way you will feel like you’re getting new things without having to spend any money!
  4. Implement a No Buy if you want to get really serious. It could be just on one type of expense like eating out, or you could go crazy and start a no buy on frivolous things. It all really depends on what your goals are.
  5. Create lists and stick to them when shopping. Don’t get sucked into the Target vortex. Create a list and only get the things on it.
  6. Use coupons whenever possible and price compare. Never go to a craft store without one and try really hard to only stick to one or two items since the coupons often only apply to one product at a time.
  7. Go places during specials throughout the week. A local Italian restaurant here does 35 cent pasta nights or a lot of restaurants do certain days that kids eat free. If you’re trying to save money but still want to go out to dinner once in a while, create a chart to know which days your favorite restaurants have specials and pick from there.
  8. Create an honest budget not one you wish you could stick to. If you like eating out like Alex and I, it’s unreasonable to yourself to cut the food budget in half with dreams that you’ll cook every single meal at home. Be honest with yourself and don’t cut everything you love just to pinch pennies. There are plenty of places in a budget to cut down without losing your favorites.
  9. Save your change rather than letting it get lost in seat cushions. Over time loose change can really add up!
  10. Buy in bulk during specials on products you use the most. Sure it’ll feel like you’re spending a lot of money at one time, but stocking up means you won’t have to buy more at normal prices if you run out and desperately need it.
You definitely have to take saving money one day at a time. It’s kind of like a financial diet and you can’t constantly starve yourself thinking you’ll have the biggest success. Each day will be a new challenge with new temptations (like at the Target Dollar Spot), but you’ll save money by implementing some of these tricks!
What ways do you use to save money?
xoxo Kayla