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All You Need to Know About Primers

All You Need to Know About Primers

Ah primers. One of my favorite parts to my makeup routine that often goes unpraised. Of course you've heard me rave my heart out over the Stila One Step Correct primer, but I thought it time to give you all the info you need to know about primers.

For everyday use: The Stila One Step Correct will always be the forerunner for best everyday primer. It's hydrating, nourishing, and makes my skin feel ready for anything I may put on it. However the Korres Anti-aging primer is also a really great, comparable choice. Both are smoothing and don't leave your skin feeling weird since they don't have any silicone in them.

For eyes: I stumbled upon the Kat Von D High Voltage primer on accident when I couldn't stomach the sticker price of the NARS eye primer, and boy do I love it. It's thick in a good way to leave the perfect matte base for shadows. By the end of the day my shadows are still in place and as pigmented as ever. Plus the packaging is huge and I doubt I'll ever run out of this stuff.

For dry skin: Both the Make Up For Ever Nourishing Primer and Hydrating Primer are excellent options if you have super dry skin like I do. They act more like skincare to provide the right amount of moisture and hydration without making skin feel oily and slick. The only difference I've found between the two is the texture on the skin and how long they take to sink in. Other than that they're both incredibly similar in giving skin a hydration boost without going overboard.

For the long wearing days: If you're in the market for a primer to help keep makeup in place for hours on end, the Make Up For Ever Mattifying Primer is your man. It creates a smooth, even base that helps makeup not budge throughout the day.

What's your go to primer? I can't get enough of them and would love some new recommendations!

xoxo Kayla

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