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How My New Stationery Organization is Keeping Me Honest

Stationery hording is like my thing. Drawers overflowing with sticky note pads I'll never use and the crazy hunt to find the elusive page flags at Target. With our impending move to our new house I decided enough was enough and now I have an organizational method that won't let me drift back to those crazy stationery days.

I've started using two drawer units from T.J. Maxx that really limit how much stationery I can actually keep, and I'm loving it. I parted with mountains of notepads and washi tape and am only left with what I love and will actually use. Plus with such limited space I'll have to adopt the one-in-one-out rule in order to keep things from overflowing.

I can't wait to get to our new house with less mess and a more streamlined collection. Now to tackle my absurd planner collection...

How do you organize your supplies?

xoxo Kayla

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