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Moving is the Best Time To...

Although we're currently hitting a few unfortunate snags on the moving front right now, I still wanted to write this post anyway. Kind of like a pick me up, "you'll move eventually and stay positive" type of post through all this confusion and stress. I'm sure I'll go into the whole story in more detail once it finally is over, but until then just vague sentences from this girl.

So on to the point. Alex and I have started to slowly pack up a few things here and there and have found that moving is a really good time for a lot of different things. It's a great time to take inventory of all the things we never realized we had. There's always that closet that just eats up everything and becomes this vortex of unnecessary stuff. We're still tackling ours at the moment. Moving and packing up your life makes you really consider what you want to take with you. There's nothing like an ever growing pile of boxes you'll have to move down three flights of stairs with no elevator that makes you rethink some of those extra scarves and dishes. 

Moving is also a really great time to assess your personal style. Alex and I are in the post-college "none of our furniture really matches" phase and have been enjoying figuring out what we want our style to be in our potential new home. It's a great time to take stock of what we have, figure out what we want to sell or give away, and start research on the best place to purchase pieces that fit our new style. 

Let's not ignore the fact that moving is also the best time to be unbelievably stressed out with to do lists and serious adulting. Lots of paperwork, budget making, and being just overall concerned that we're making the right choice. You know, the usual. 

When the moving date actually becomes official and you're moving a decent distance away from where you currently live, it's the perfect time to complete any last minute activities. Maybe you've always wanted to go to the aquarium in your area but never ended up doing it. Moving is a great time to be a tourist in your current location and check off everything on your bucket list before moving to a new place.

I have a love/hate relationship with moving and the stress is definitely getting to me. But moving is a really good time for certain tasks we all just put off for another day.

What's your favorite part about moving?

xoxo Kayla

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