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The Only Eye Brushes You'll Ever Need

The Only Eye Brushes You'll Ever Need

I'm a beauty girl who keeps things simple. Like really simple. Usually no makeup and a messy bun simple. Yet when I do manage to not be a hot mess and put some effort it, these three brushes are the ones I reach for time and time again for the perfect eye look.

For all over the lid my favorite brush isn't a makeup brush at all. It's a Loew-Cornell 270 Maxine's Mop I picked up from JoAnn Fabrics years ago. It's the best brush I've ever found for having sturdy, close together bristles that apply shadow right where I want it as dense as possible. The handle is nice and long and you could almost never tell it wasn't an actual makeup brush.

For blending everything out and make the whole look more streamline, it's all about the Mirabella Blending Brush. The brush itself is gorgeous, but the bristles are just so fluffy and light. The perfect brush for just a touch of highlight under the brow bone and a great blending all over.

The MAC 217 is the best brush I've ever used hands down. I like to use it for the outer corner definition, but it rocks at literally anything you could possibly think of. It's the only MAC brush I currently own (I know *gasp*) and it makes me want to buy every single other brush MAC produces if there's even a chance they're as good as this one.

This trio is the perfect combination for anything from everyday looks to the smokiest eye I can muster. 

What are your go to eye brushes?

xoxo Kayla

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