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How to Streamline Your Closet if You Can't Handle a Capsule Wardrobe

How to Streamline Your Closet if You Can't Handle a Capsule Wardrobe

The blogging world is definitely abuzz with the minimalist trend lately. Gone are the days of hording makeup and enter ones filled with less things and more purpose. I'm definitely so on bored with decluttering and have shared my two cents on Marie Kondo's book to boot. Yet a capsule wardrobe of only a few shirts and things each season just isn't doable no matter how hard I try. So if you want to get on board with less is more but can't hack a 37 piece wardrobe, here's how to streamline your closet.

  1. Go Marie Kondo and empty everything out of your closet. Literally everything. Throw it into a large pile and decide what stays and what goes. You can be as strict as Kondo demands, or your own version. Just as long as you're being honest about what should say and what should go.
  2. Pretend you are making a capsule wardrobe, but don't limit yourself on pieces. Seriously consider what you wear most often and fill in wardrobe gaps where you see them. 
  3. Organize your closet based on categories so you can really see what types of clothes you have more of than others. I personally have at least 10 different colored cardigans. For some that would seem nuts, but I love wearing them over tank tops or blouses. This method could also help you realize you have way too many tshirts and you need to get rid of some more.
  4. Keep clothes that reflect your lifestyle and get rid of those that don't. If you have dozens of formal dresses but never go to anything formal, they're no longer needed in your closet. I have a lot of office casual clothes that I recently parted with now that I work at home. Sure I might find the need for them one day, but if that time ever comes around I'll just buy new ones as my current ones will be worn out and moth ridden by then.
  5. Try the hanger trick and flip all your hangers around backwards. When you wear something, put it back the hanger with the hanger turned back the normal way. After three months see which clothing items you haven't worn and say goodbye to them. You can't argue with a clear visual representation of what you do and don't wear.
These are a few quick ways to streamline your closet if you just can't muster the courage to try a capsule wardrobe. You'll feel so much better with a cleaner closet, feel a part of the minimalist trend, but still keep your sanity.

xoxo Kayla

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