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My Night Stand Essentials

My Night Stand Essentials

Now my nightstand is not riddled with countless beauty products that I might need at a moment's notice. It actually only has a couple of things that would even remotely fall into that category. My bedside table acts more like a mini work space with a handful of must have essentials.

Everything in my nightstand aims to make my life a little bit easier as I'm lounging around. I have a lighter for any nearby candles, a pencil case full of pens, scissors, and highlighters, and a sizable stack of Erin Condren notepads for any late night to do lists. This drawer also houses my glasses and case because every other location I tend to forget where I put them. This is the best bet for making sure that I remember where they are. Underneath them is my Vera Bradley checkbook cover and checks. More often than not I find myself in bed paying bills. I try to smooth activities I hate by doing them in places I really enjoy.

There's also a little flashlight just in case the power goes out at night, and my vlogging camera. I like to charge the battery for the camera in the bedroom so it's there when I need it in the morning. So it just makes sense to keep the camera itself close by.

As for actual beauty bits, I have a giant tub of the Body Shop's Spa of the World Hawaiian Kukui Cream and a small container of Vaseline. I've talked about the kukui cream in a past favorites video and I'm still just as obsessed with the smell and the moisturizing wallop it packs.

I'm super curious to hear what you keep in your bedside table as I'm confident I'm missing some serious essentials. Leave your recommendations in the comments!

xoxo Kayla

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