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The Body Shop's Spa of the World is Out of This One

The Body Shop's Spa of the World is Out of This One

The Body Shop has become one of those brands in my arsenal that I can just count on. Their skincare products are fab and luxurious without being too expensive. So when I tried the Body Shop's new Spa of the World line I had high hopes, and I definitely was not disappointed.

First off, this line seems so lush. The packaging is sturdy (expect for the unfortunate cracked lid), high quality, and gorgeous. I've already ranted on and on about the Hawaiian Kukui Cream in videos and other blog posts because it's just so dang good. It's thick, moisturizing, and the tub feels like you could whack a bad guy over the head without any difficulty. Somehow that gives me uncontrollable joy and even more pleasure using it. 

The other products from the line I've gotten my hands on are just as high quality. The Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay is such a fantastically cool idea that I feel like definitely should exist more. A clay mask for your body? Sign me up ten fold. The mask removes impurities and any dirt and grim built up in the skin. My limbs felt like smooth butter after just one use and even more smooth after a few uses. 

The Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil was the hardest product in the bunch for me to get along with just for usage only. I don't often need a massage oil and the lemongrass sent is a bit too overpowering for my sensitive nose. The product itself is nice enough, but I can't get past the scent to really even give a proper opinion. Alex loves it however and commandeered it as his own without much protest from me.

The Body Shop's Spa of the World collection is so unique and interesting, plus I felt like I got to travel to new places and test out their products. Have you tried this line yet?

xoxo Kayla

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