Which Eye Shadow Palette Should I Get? A Palette for Every Need
Eye shadow palettes are my Achilles heel of makeup products. Regardless of how many I have, there’s always a reason to get just one more. With more eye shadows than my eye lids will ever use, I’ve learned a thing or two about palettes and which one is good for what.
Before we dive in it’s safe to say that all these palettes are top notch. Although they vary a little here and there, they’re all buttery, pigmented, and the cream of the crop of eye shadows. No risks here.
Which palette…
For everyday use
If you’re looking for just a solid, all-around perfect palette to accomplish everything you could possibly need, theBalm’s NUDE ‘tude or the LORAC Pro Palette are the ticket. Their shade range varies enough you’ll be able to pull off multiple looks without ever leaving the palette.
For travel and on-the-go
A smaller palette is an obvious choice and my favorite has to be the butterLONDON Shadow Clutch in “Natural Charm.” The shadows can be mixed and matched within the smaller packaging to create the perfect shade combination. Plus the mirror is massive and great for on-the-go application. The Urban Decay Naked Basic palettes are another great choice for a more basic look.

For special occasions
The LORAC Pro Palette and any of the Urban Decay Naked palettes are exactly what you’ll need to create any type of look for a special event. The LORAC palette has a lot of non-neutral shades to mix things up and add a pop of color. The Urban Decay palettes have the longest staying power of any shadow I’ve tried so they’re not going to disappear during the night. 

For specific tones and shade families
Look no further than the Urban Decay Naked palette family. The first palette has your warm tones, the second your cool tones, the third is all about rose-gold, and the smokey palette does what it says on the packaging. I would say you’ll never need another palette again if you pick up whichever shade family works best for you, but we all know once you get one it’s an obsessive addiction to collect them all. 

For beginners
Nothing beats the Naked Basic palettes if you’re just getting into makeup and aren’t really sure what’s what. They have just enough shades to create a standard look without being too overwhelming. Plus they’re more affordable since they’re smaller so you won’t be spending an arm and a leg on something you aren’t sure will work for you.
Nothing beats a good ol’ eye shadow palette, but if you’re in penny saving mode it’s best to get one that meets your needs rather than going heart-eyed emoji and buying them all up in one frantic motion!
Which palette is your go to?
xoxo Kayla