Has blogging become uncool? Have I officially fallen back into the uncool crowd who blogs like I was an awkward member of back in 2007? Do people even read blogs anymore?
I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I personally love blogging and what it’s done for my life. It’s given me a voice, my own uncontrolled outlet to express myself, and it’s brought me a lot of new friends. Yet it just feels like the blogging days are over and most people are constantly coming back from “blogging breaks” and vanishing just as quickly as they returned.
So what is it about blogging these days that makes it not-so glamorous anymore? Everyone and their sister is hopping on YouTube, but I still find that my blog gets the most organic love and attention. I do love myself a good YouTube video, but there’s just something about rambling on, fingers to the keyboard, about the things that give us passion. 
Maybe it died down because people weren’t getting the rise to fame like they expected. I don’t find blogging easy. Even after almost a decade of doing it on one platform or another, finding topics and motivation is hard. Yet I wouldn’t want to just stop and abandon something I put so much time and energy into. Blogging isn’t something you’re going to get rich doing. You aren’t going to gather tons of loyal brands to constantly send things to you. You aren’t going to get mountains of free things and money. 
Bloggers seem to be dying off and with that the readers who tuned in. Hopefully I’m just being dramatic and that’s really not the case, but it just feels different these days. Less people sharing posts, engaging with content, and cursing the blogosphere for convincing them to buy yet another foundation. Although I fear that the lack of readership may be a fact and something that’s here to stay, I don’t want to quit. I started blogging because I loved it as a creative art form and I’ll probably continue doing it until it becomes like teaching cursive in schools. I just can’t give up on it.
Are you out there people? Are there people who still read blogs? You tell me.
xoxo Kayla