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House to Home | Part One

We're approaching two whole months of living in our first house and I've finally got around to decorating and snazzing up the place. Buying a house doesn't leave too much room in the budget for flashy new bits, so I had to get a creative.

I purchased the fake mini bushes from TJ Maxx literally days after offer was accepted on the house. If you've bought a house than you know that having a bid accepted doesn't necessarily mean a done deal, but I had to celebrate in some way. I knew immediately that I wanted these to go on one side of the mantle to add some green to the space without me worrying about keeping a plant alive. Plus I love the idea of decorating them for different holidays with little bobbles or lights.

Our real estate agent was kind enough to give us the home sign on the day of our closing. We plan on hanging it up somewhere eventually, but I must admit I'm growing accustomed to it chilling out on the mantle.

On the other side of the little bushes I've been messing around with two large jars from Target. They're currently in their "summer" mode and I plan on switching out different things depending on the season. In order to save money I'm trying to make due with things I can find or just have laying around the house. These fake flowers came from some centerpieces from my cousin's baby shower. I cut them off their stems and piled them in the jar. Super simple yet looks way more impressive.

Last week we got around to hanging up some of our travel art on holes the previous homeowners left. We're trying to see if we can fill up the current holes before covering them up and making new ones and I actually love how the collage wall turned out. We take our travel art really seriously in this household and it's awesome to be able to put a lot of it on display right where guests walk in.

We definitely have a long way to go, but I'm quite pleased with how everything is coming together without costing us too much money in the process. Always a plus.

xoxo Kayla

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