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How to Completely Change Your Blogging Game

A group of us over on the Helloigans Facebook page are supporting each other throughout May to encourage blogging. It got me thinking about what exactly a person can do to step up their blogging game and push themselves to be better. Here's what I've come up with.

  • Use archive photos so you're not constantly having to take photo after photo. Using photos you've already taken can make the process of creating a blog post a whole lot easier. Plus you've already done all that work so might as well get a bit more life out of a photograph. Just make sure you aren't using it to death or people will get tired of it.
  • Give your photos alternate text so that they can be picked up on Google better. In blogger you can find it under properities when you hover over a photo in a blog post. Just write in what the photo or blog post is about. That small action can really help people find your blog through Google searching.
  • Get a consistent schedule and stick to it. Sure there will be days where it doesn't always work out, but having a consistent schedule means you're taking your blog seriously. Once you start investing quality, consistent time in what you're doing, other people will too.
  • Mix up your content to include a bigger variety of topics. If you're strictly a beauty blog, try throwing in a lifestyle post every once and a while. It'll give readers something fresh and new to read while making you more complex and interesting.
  • Get serious about social media and develop a system that works for you. Even if you just post once a week, at least you're getting your content out there rather than just hoping someone will stumble upon it.
  • Find your voice. This is a big one. Figure out what you're trying to say and how you want to say it. Do you want to be a bit more structured, or do you want your blog to feel like you're just having a conversation with a friend? Your voice will come over time too, so posting more regularly can help you find it quicker and give your blog an obvious vibe.
None of these types are new or revolutionary, but they're definitely musts if you want to completely change your blogging game and kick things up a notch. If you are looking for that perfect moment to really take blogging seriously, this is it. A few extra hours a week can change your whole blogging experience and you'll find yourself even more in love with it.

xoxo Kayla

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