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How to Make a Strong Content Calendar You Can Stick With

How to Make a Strong Content Calendar You Can Stick With

How to Make a Strong Content Calendar You Can Stick With

If you're ready to really take your online presence serious, you've probably considered a content calendar at some point. Yet making a strong content calendar that's engaging to your readers and easy for you to stick with isn't so simple. So here are a few easy steps to follow to get your content calendar on track and your content better than ever.

  • Find a content calendar setup that works for you and your needs. I personally couldn't live without the Erin Condren On the Go Monthly Calendars, but a Google Calendar might be just the thing that works for you if you're more of an digital soul. Figure out how you work best and let that determine what format your content calendar will be in. If you work on two platforms like I do, create two calendars that are separate, but work together so you know what you're doing on multiple platforms at once and can coordinate content to work together.
  • Write down all your ideas in a big brain dump close at hand to your content calendar. That way when you're working on scheduling new posts, you'll have tons of ideas without any extra effort.
  • If you find yourself in a brainstorming mood, give it the attention it deserves as it may not come up that often. Writer's block becomes a serious thing when you start posting in a regular schedule. So if you are suddenly struck with a couple of good ideas, stop what you're doing to follow those ideas and write everything down. You'll thank yourself when you can't thing of a single thing to write about a few months later.
  • Look at the entire month at once. Think about reoccurring posts that happen every month and put those down first. Maybe you want to write a monthly favorites post or do monthly updates on certain topics, schedule those now! That'll help fill in your content schedule with consistent posts, make sure you have room for them, and make the entire process a lot less daunting when you already know a few posts that are always going to happen.
  • Figure out how often you want to post depending on what medium you're working in and stick to that. As you're brainstorming ideas and starting to fill in your content calendar, figure out how many of these ideas you're going to do each week. I personally post five times a week on my blog and three times a week on YouTube. Getting a consistent posting schedule makes your readers know when to tune in for new content while giving them a sense of security.
  • Work backward from important dates to give readers plenty of notice and you plenty of time to talk about whatever it is in great detail. Maybe you're having a big release of new products or are getting married. You want to give whatever the important event is the attention it deserves so schedule posts and content backward from that date.
  • Work a week at a time to cement in content. Everything else keep on sticky notes until then. That way if plans change, you can just move the sticky notes or online event in Google Calendars to another location and write that post later. It's much less stressful knowing you have the abililty to changes things if you need it.
  • Be open to change and switching the schedule up at the last minute if something great comes up. Maybe there's a brand new release of a makeup product that you just have to review or something happens in popular culture that's right up your street. A content calendar isn't set in stone once you put an idea down. Allow yourself to mix things up depending on what happens.
  • Pay attention to what content you're putting next to each other to keep things interesting and with variety. No reader is going to be interested in the same post again and again, so try to add variety and different content to your platform. Maybe post a lifestyle post one day and a recipe the next. Keep things within your site's topic/genre, but don't be afraid to keep switching things up.
  • Use your content calendar to track progress on upcoming posts. I add a check mark next to the post topic once photos have been taken or the video filmed, and another when the post/video is ready to be published. That way I know exactly where I'm at for every post while actively engaging my content calendar on a daily basis. A content calendar will do you no good if you use it to set up posts and then never look at it again.
A content calendar is such a vital tool in getting focused and on track with whatever platform you're using to get your voice out there. It takes a lot of pressure off you in the long run and makes sure you're creating engaging, interesting content!

What does your content calendar look like?

xoxo Kayla

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