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How to Keep Your Wedding Stationery Cheap While Still Being Adorable

How to Keep Your Wedding Stationery Cheap While Still Being Adorable

How to Keep Your Wedding Stationery Cheap While Still Being Adorable

How to Keep Your Wedding Stationery Cheap While Still Being Adorable

I'm personally not trying to go broke in this whole wedding planning business, so finding cheap, quality stationery options has become my specialty over the months. Now I do have to preface by saying Alex and I are graphic designers so that makes things a whole lot easier on our end, but there are still plenty of ways to keep wedding stationery affordable while still being adorable.

  • Avoid the wedding invitation sites because they're going to nickle and dime you like crazy. Sure the invitations are downright amazing, but you're going to watch a single invite increase in price more and more until it's crazy expensive. 
  • Design your own if you have any sort of graphic design chops. Then you can get them printed at really affordable online sites like Overnight Prints. Their quality is great, shipping pretty fast, and you aren't getting robbed just because it's for a wedding. Pro tip: Just keep trying random words in the coupon code box and they'll give you the highest discount after a few tries.
  • Look on Etsy if you can't design your own invites. Sometimes they'll sell you a template you can easily customize for yourself and print off.
  • Manage your expectations and remember that it's just an invite. Not everyone will or even should have a Pinterest wedding because those things are costly. Understand going in that you may not get the gold leafing and the super thick envelopes, and that's ok. To be completely honest, most of these invites will end up in the recycling bin when everything is all said and done. Spend that money on something you'll actually be able to enjoy.
  • Don't worry too much about sticking to a theme. I definitely didn't and have been way less stressed. When I saw a good deal for thank you notes on Erin Condren, I picked something that I enjoyed that sort of tied into the wedding rather than stressing about making sure the colors matched perfectly. That's too much attention to detail that's ultimately unnecessary.
  • Don't send stamps on the RSVP envelopes and encourage guests to RSVP online. That stamp that they may or may not use is adding serious cash to the final cost of your invites. Plus there are a lot of free RSVP websites that'll keep things organized for you better than your excel list.
  • When in doubt, add a photo and your invite becomes ten times more personal and cute. Who doesn't love a good photo of the happy couple?
If there's one piece of advice I can give anyone starting the wedding planning process, it's to just not stress out about anything. It's just a party at the end of the day and isn't going to make or break your marriage if you don't spring for the satin finish on your stationery. 

Do you have any tips for affordable stationery?

xoxo Kayla

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