This one is kind of like “duh,” but so often I see and hear people complaining about palette storage that I thought it time to write up a quickie about how I do it. I picked up a bunch of these storage bins from Target a few years ago, but they definitely still have them in stock in the storage section of their stores. They’re awesome because they’re affordable while coming in tons of different colors.
I store all of my palettes in one bin so it’s nice and full and they don’t flop around inside. I used to separate my face palettes from the rest of the herd, but I just love how full and organized they all look standing in a row. I arranged them from smallest to tallest in the back so nothing gets lost out of sight. Then I pop the whole thing into one of the larger drawers in the IKEA Alex tower. The Alex system is still my favorite way to organize makeup and stationery supplies in a simple, non-breaking-the-bank sort of way. I’ve thought about keeping it out on a counter somewhere in my office, but I’m working on a clean counter lifestyle and it fits like a glove into the drawer.
Don’t have as many palettes as me? Find a nice small bin so they can all stack up next to each other so they aren’t flopping around and possibly breaking. It’s simple, but gets the job done. And that’s my life motto.
How do you store your palettes?
xoxo Kayla