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What Makes a Good Etsy Shop?

Before I ever opened Oh, Hello Stationery Co., I was an avid Etsy shopper. It's the perfect place to find really cute, one of a kind items not massed produced in a factory. With so many sticker shops out there now I thought it best to break it down so you know exactly what makes a good Etsy shop, and which ones to avoid.
  • Number of sales is by far the easiest way to determine if a shop is legit or not. Sure you can find amazing shops that don't have that many sales (you have to start somewhere as a shop owner), but if you're hesitant, picking a shop with over 1,000 sales will be a lot safer than picking one that doesn't.
  • Quality of reviews and what people are saying about the shop. Scroll on down and read a few reviews. Are there a lot of positive comments? There's bound to be a bad review here or there, but if the majority of people gave good reviews, you've found a good shop.
  • Quality of photos throughout the shop shows how experienced the owner is with owning a shop. If things are blurry or all over the place, the shop might still be trying to figure things out and quality could be lacking.
  • If the front page is kept up to date and looking fresh and clean. Is there a header? Are there any updates or announcements? A good shop puts effort in the front page!
  • Social media channels means the shop is established and working to promote itself on other platforms. Check out their follower counts and how often they post.
  • Shop age is another good indication as to whether or not a shop is legit. If a shop just opened they could still be working out kinks and issues with quality. Find a shop that has some experience under their belt to make sure you're getting good products.
With so many people out there trying to make a buck in the sticker game, follow these few tips to be sure you're getting high quality products and reducing shopping risks. Happy shopping!

xoxo Kayla

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