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How I Take Bulk Blog Photos: My Tips and Tricks

How I Take Bulk Blog Photos: My Tips and Tricks

The only way I've survived blogging as long as I have is due largely in part to bulk photo sessions. I can't imagine having to take out and set up my camera every day to take a photo for a new post. That time and energy alone would take away from the mountain of other things I try to squeeze into a day. Bulk photography is the way to go and I've learned a few things along the way.

First and foremost, a detailed shot list is a must. Knowing exactly what posts I'm photographing and what supplies I need for each photo makes the process a million times easier. I don't have to constantly stop taking photos to grab a makeup product I've forgotten or look up what photo I need to take next. It's great to clearly see what photos need to be done so you aren't spending all day randomly taking photos you may not even use.

Bulk photo sessions also means you know exactly what posts are coming down the pipeline. Nothing is worse than a new content week being days away and I realize I don't have any post ideas. Bulk sessions make it so I only have to worry about thinking of new posts every once and a while. It definitely takes the pressure off for creative post ideas every other day.

Over the years I've found that having a cart to move all of my supplies around makes it super simple to change locations and backgrounds. I love using the different style counters in our bathrooms so being able to move things from place to place without multiple trips is a godsend. I tend to divide each photo's materials into different sections on the cart to make transitioning from one photo to the other. Plus I always keep some cute dishes or journals in the bottom shelves for props in photos. 

Bulk photography also makes it super easy in the editing process. When I take a bunch of photos all in the same place, more likely than not my camera settings didn't change much and the lighting remained constant. Then it's a snap to bulk adjust photos and get all the photos edited in minutes rather than hours.

Getting all your photos done at one time also means you can do some bulk blog post writing afterward. I tend to find it harder to sit down and write posts as the week progresses, so getting a bunch of posts written at one time makes it easier for me to work on other things for the rest of the week.

If you aren't taking bulk photos for you blog you definitely need to! It makes things so much easier in the long run and blog writing much more enjoyable.

xoxo Kayla

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