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How to Maximize Your Monday

Mondays don't always have to be that bad. Personally, I find Wednesdays to be the lull of a week when everyone's in a no man's land between the weekend and the start of the week. But if you need a little boost to get your Monday back on track, here are a few easy ways to maximize it.

  • Brain dump on Sunday night so when Monday rolls around you'll know exactly what you need to accomplish. Nothing is worse than waking up, going to work, and being all over the place not sure what to accomplish. Get it all figured out the night before.
  • Plan out your week so you aren't trying to accomplish five days worth of things in just one day. Plus it'll reduce stress for the rest of the week.
  • Wake up early and use those extra minutes to start a new habit or get something done you always put off. I've been trying to get up an extra few minutes early each day to stretch and take some time to warm up mentally before diving into work.
  • Pretend it isn't Monday and trick your Monday-hating-self into thinking it's just another Thursday. Sure it'll stink when Tuesday rolls around and it isn't Friday, but at least you'll get past the dreaded first day of the week.
  • Have a morning routine to kick start the week. It's so much easier to have a routine in the morning rather than worrying about missing a step or forgetting something.
Mondays have a bad rap. So let's push off the Monday blues and make it the most productive day of the week.

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