Things just don’t seem to be working out with this blog these days. I don’t know what it is about it, but I’m just not as inspired as I’ve been for the past years. I’ll get a burst of creative energy and go back at it for a few days and then sputter out again. Things can’t continue like they have been, but I just don’t know what that means for the future.
I’m changing as a person. The wedding is fifty some days away, we’ve bought a house, and our life is just different. I feel myself becoming interested in other things and wanting something I can’t quite put my finger on just yet. This blog seems to have been frozen in time and too much like how it was when I first started it. We’ve grown apart and it sucks.
I’m not giving up on this blog. So far from it. I just know I haven’t been giving it the attention, love, and dedication it deserves. This little blog takes most of the credit for my continued adventures, so I need to figure out a way to fall back in love with it. The worst part? I can’t believe it’s happening to me. Time and time again I scoffed at other bloggers in ruts while happily typing away on my end. Yet here I am, not necessarily in a rut, but just not as happy with what this blog has become lately. I feel different and this blog should feel different too.
So I don’t know what needs to change. I know I need to make posting a priority again, but I don’t know how to continue posting. It’s something I could definitely use help on as well as just needing to take time to sit down and really brainstorm out the future of this space. Maybe I’ll just write my thoughts for a while and let the love affair return. Not put too much pressure on a posting schedule and get back to why I started blogging in the first place.
All my love,