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Planning Simply: How to Avoid Planning Overload

After being in the planning world for a good chunk of time now, it's become quite obvious that there's a push for more. More stickers, more planners, more ways to document every single moment. I love planning supplies just as much as the next person, if not more. Hell, I've staked my livelihood on planners buying stickers. Yet I feel deep down in my soul that there's definitely a limit for each person to find planner peace. And it's not by having five planners.

It's hard for me to preach planner minimalism when I'm swimming in planner supplies, but like I said, it's my job. I have to make sure I'm up on planner layouts, sizing, and what's what in the planner world or risk becoming broke and closing shop. But what I actually use on a day to day basis is way simpler and concise. There's a clear line between what I have for Oh, Hello purposes, and what I actually use. And it's my mission to help people see more planners aren't the answer.

If you aren't happy with how your planning style is, getting more things is only going to make it worse. Find a system that works for you and quickly learn how to keep your head down and avoid the hype train. That could be two planners or that could be just keeping to do lists. There's no one set way to plan. I'm hoping that this blog will become a source to figure out exactly what your system is.

My system? I use an Erin Condren Hourly and a personal sized planner I got from Michael's. The hourly holds all of my meetings, events, and daily things. My personal planner is for daily to do lists and note keeping. If I am being completely honestly I could easily combine the two, but I like being about to leave my ECLP behind and just take the smaller, lighter personal planner. 

That's the thing. Planner simplicity is a constant battle. Time and time again I have to talk myself out of buying more of something I already have just to have variations. But at the end of the day planning is supposed to make our lives easier, not become a constant money pit we throw our hard earned cash into hoping our lives get more organized.

I realize this is completely counterproductive to my livelihood and I'm all for you buying more stickers from us, but do it with purpose and self-awareness as to why and how it'll help you get more organized. Don't deny yourself things you enjoy, but don't drown yourself in cute stickers with no sight of how it'll actually help or any plans to actually use them. Balance my friends.

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