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A Day in the Life of My Erin Condren Life Planner

A day in the life of my Erin Condren is a simple, yet tiresome one. I tote my 18-month neutral hourly around with me like a security blanket making sure I have my head on straight when the middle of the day hits. Plus it's just gorgeous to stare at when I'm having an inspiration block. So here's what my planner gets up to in a regular day

8:00 AM - Sitting on my nightstand as my phone alarm vibrates on top of it. 

9:00 AM - On the kitchen island helping me figure out the game plan for the day.

9:30 AM - Up the stairs to my office for its big performance in whatever video I'm filming that day.

10:30 AM - Down the stairs to the Oh, Hello headquarters to keep me company as I check things off my to do list in the office.

2:00 PM - Back upstairs for a break and some Netflix in bed. Plus it needs a break after all that to do list checking.

5:00 PM - Out to dinner with Alex ready to take notes for whatever ideas we may come up with while eating.

8:00 PM - Prepping for the next day while lounging in bed catching up on YouTube videos.

11:00 PM - Getting some rest for the next big work day tomorrow.

Yours till the cat meows,


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