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A Wedding is In the Details

I'm realizing as we round the corner to just five days away from the wedding, that a wedding really is all in the details. Sure the venue matters and what song you walk down the aisle to, but for me, it's about the little things that make this wedding mine.

I'm going to be putting out the shirt Alex used to propose to me in this video. Just in case someone happens to not know our story at the wedding, they'll be able to watch it while they wait for the ceremony. I'm also going to be having these little charms of my grandparents hanging from my bouquet. I always imagined them at my wedding so now that they can't physically be, I'm finding a way to make them still a part. My garters are Doctor Who themed in honor of how Alex and I actually started talking/dating in the first place.

All of these things are seemingly tiny details in the scope of planning such a huge affair like a wedding (and it really does end up being a huge affair no matter the size). Yet they're the ones I'm fussing over the most. These are the pieces of the wedding I'm sure I'll remember most.

That's the thing. There's someone getting married somewhere right at this moment. So why would my wedding be anything special or different from the millions of weddings happening all the time? Because it's my wedding. It's special to me and Alex and that's what makes it matter. That's what makes anything matter really.

I'm nervously excited for the big day. Time really has flown by and I feel a part of one big cliche. And you know what? I kind of love it.

Yours till the flower bouquets,


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