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Big Day Preppin'

Wedding Day Beauty Prep

The big day is literally just days away now and I've been trying to keep myself, and my nervous brain, busy rather than stressing. So there's been a lot of beauty prep going on to make sure I'm ready for that iconic walk down the aisle. I'm definitely not ready yet, but at least I'v got some pampering in anyway.

There's been a lot of focus on hair and nails this week. I recently got a haircut to freshen up my ends and make sure there's something going on in the layers department. My stylist recommended that I get a clarifying shampoo and I didn't pause a beat before running to Sephora to snatch up the Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo. I've wanted this for years and finally had a professional excuse to get it. After just one lather, rich use my hair felt noticeably better and cleaner. I'll be writing a full post on it soon, but it's made me feel a lot more confident that my hair will be at its best for the special day.

I've also been working hard to grow out my nails and avoid chipping. No easy feat for someone who constantly breaks off nails just living her life. ButterLONDON's Horse Power Nail Fertilizer popped into my head a few days ago and I quickly ran to it. You put a coat of this shiny clear stuff on dry, clean nails once a day for a week and then remove it. Repeat again for stronger nails. No joke. My nails are noticeably stronger and have reduced chipping thus far. Here's hoping that it's my saving grace and I'll have amazing nails when I get them done next week. Unfortunately I couldn't find this exact product when I was hunting for links for this post, but here is something similar.

As for toes I'm opting to do those myself since no one will really see my feet over mountains of off-white dress. I purchased a bunch of bottles of China Glaze's "One Track Mind" for my bridesmaids' gifts when I asked them to be in my wedding. It's the perfect navy blue without being too dark and I've always loved China Glaze's formula and packaging. I like to apply my toe polish pretty far in advance. It just tends to settle in better and not look so out of place on my toes this way.

Now to just tackle that still massive to do list just in time to actually say 'I Do'.

Yours till the wedding bells,


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