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Makeup Declutter & New Storage

It seems like I can't go a significant chunk of time without getting the itch to rifle through my makeup collection. I had been thinking about moving my stash from upstairs in my office to our master bathroom for quite a while, but couldn't fully commit. Then one of those crappy days rolled around when I needed a little retail therapy so I made a little order on Amazon and the destash began.

After a quick browse around for new storage to hold my entire collection, I opted for this Sorbus Storage Unit. There were literally tons of different drawer combinations, but the four small, three large drawer system seemed right up my alley and perfect for my makeup categories.

Then the sorting began. And boy did it take a lot longer than I expected. I destash quite often so I thought for sure I'd only eliminate a few things here and there. One large bin later (the last photo before the video) and I had just my favorites left. Popping them into the storage unit was a breeze and now I have all of my makeup in one happy place. Plus it just makes sense to have my makeup where I actually put it on (duh Kayla). 

I've already started considering another large three drawer unit for next to this one if my collection happens to expand, as it always does. I just love how it tucks into the spot between the wall and our big mirror like a glove. I'm one happy makeup junkie. Plus I feel like I actually will use what's left in my collection rather than keeping it just for the sake of having it. That's always a good thing.

So here's my destashed collection and new organization. I'm sure it'll change in a handful of months when I feel that itch again, but until then I'm just going to creepily admire it from the next room.

How do you store your makeup? Tweet me a picture to @microscpebeauty!

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