Enamel Pin, Boy Girl Party, Culture Folk
When I rediscovered enamel pins a few months back, I went a little mad. I scooped up so many over the past weeks that a check-in was due. I love picking up a new pin from a place we’ve visited or getting one that somehow speaks to me. I also switched my pins over from the large tote bag to something smaller with more structure. That way my collection is easier to show off without carrying around such a massive bag.
The top corgi pin and the introvert pin were both gifts from Alex on my 24th birthday. We’ve been talking about getting a corgi for months now and it definitely will be happening spring of next year. This little guy is keeping my eagerness at bay as I await the arrival of our own furry pup. Nothing screams Kayla like an introvert pin. I like to imagine that’s what I’ll look like when I’m older. Still socially awkward and much rather spend time by myself.
The two planner addict pins Alex and I created ourselves to sell at Oh, Hello. The mint green one we made exclusively for The Planner Addict box this month and I couldn’t be more proud of our efforts to expand our brand. We have a few more pins in the works for fall too!
The puffin and otter pins are both from the same shop and were the first two pins that kicked off the obsession. I wanted something that represented something Alex and I love, so why not our favorite animals? I think it’s safe to say that the shop they originated from is a constant source for pins I’ve added to my wishlist.
I found the little unicorn through my wanderings on Amazon and knew any pin collection wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t a unicorn involved in one way or another.
The remaining pins I picked up during our recent travels. Apparently it’s quite common for zoos to have pins so I suspect a growing collection of similar pins as we tend to frequent zoos when we travel. I also snatched up an Upper Peninsula one when we went to Pictured Rocks a few weekends ago.
I’ve always had a thing for collection and I love that this one is so portable. Now to just tame the beast and stop buying so many!
Yours till the enamel pins,