3 Urban Decay Products You Have to Try
Most beauty junkies know a thing or two about Urban Decay, but if you’re new to the brand or are trying to figure out what to explore next, I got you covered. These three products are worth a test out.
Since Urban Decay recently revamped their lipstick line to the new Vice line, I’ve tried quite a few of the newly packaged shades. “Backtalk” is definitely up there as a top contender as it’s the perfect everyday matte lip color while still doing something for a look. It’s the most nude I’ve ever gone in a lip shade, but it doesn’t just blend into the lips and look like nothing’s happening. It lasts ages and it isn’t drying at all since it’s a “comfort matte.” Urban Decay is seriously impressive with its range of lipstick finishes. I swear they just make up names off the cuff to cover their crazy collection of formulas.
The Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer has been raved about on the blogosphere for some time now so if you haven’t given it a go yet, this is definitely a sign to do so. It’s incredibly similar to the NARS Creamy Concealer, but lighter, quicker to blend in, and lasts longer under the eyes. I’m on my second container and still just as obsessed.
My perfect everyday blush is without a doubt the Afterglow Blush in “Video.” It’s a dusty rose that looks effortless on the skin. It gives just the right amount of color with little to no effort. It’s also one of the only blushes I’ve noticed lasts all day on my cheeks. I tend to touch my face a lot throughout the day and this stays put almost as perfect as when first applied. The claim that it lasts eight-hours definitely holds true for this bad boy. I definitely need to get a few more blushes from this range, but I’ve been too smitten with “Video” to hardly notice any of my other blushes.
Urban Decay is one of those consistently great brands that I can always count on for quality makeup. But if you’re overwhelmed at where to start first, these three products are definitely worth checking out.
Yours till the rain bows,