Although I spend a good amount of my day bed-desking it up in our almost completed guest bedroom, I do have an actual office I work in from time to time. It’s a great place away from the goings on of the house, tucked away upstairs as the only room. It’s definitely a favorite, although incomplete, space because it holds all of my memories. From childhood swim medals to my growing collection of planners, my office takes good care of all of them.
As for planners, I’m currently using one at the moment so don’t let the large collection in the photo alarm you. I keep a lot of different layouts on hand for work, as well as past planners and a few Erin Condren notebooks just in case. Sure it’s still kind of absurd, but I’m a planner gal without a doubt.
I’ve slowly started to collect wall art and pieces to make the space more complete and it’s really inspired me to spend more time in here. It’s a large open room with a decent sized window and a lot of wall space. A gallery wall feels like a must, but I also want to be able to showcase some of my favorite memories more prominently. All things a good Pinterest board can solve.
So take a little poke around and any help picking a theme would be fabulous. I recently purchased a few doodle drawings of plants and cacti, but beyond that it’s a blank slate. That’s kind of exciting now, isn’t it?