How to Blog Without Always Buying New Stuff
Blogging is a piece of cake when mountains of new products are flooding to your doorstep on a weekly basis. But for us average folk, there isn’t a constant intake of new products to talk about, making it sometimes difficult to find topics to blog on. I for one go through product droughts like no body’s business where I have to rely on creativity to keep the blog content flowing. It’s time I drop some blog knowledge on you if you can’t scrounge up new products to talk about.
  • When in doubt, lifestyle posts are always a great way to flesh out your content. Write about what you’ve been enjoying lately, your favorite shows, or how you spend your Saturdays. Life is constantly changing and there will always be something going on in your life you can blog about.
  • Collection posts make it easy to take products you’ve already talked about and showcase them in different ways. Share your blush collection, favorite pink makeup products, or favorite historical fiction books. Whatever you blog about, you can always do collection posts in different categories to rearrange products in new way.
  • Share your expertise and write a few “how to” posts. Maybe you’re great a photography for blogging or are wicked good at keeping to a schedule. Or maybe you’re good at something completely non-blogging related. Share those experiences with your readers.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk off blog topic. Nothing frustrates me more than when blogging friends say they have nothing to write about because they feel like they have to stick to what they’re blog is about. Just because your blog is about books doesn’t mean you can’t talk about other things. Books extend beyond just tangible things to include a whole variety of similar, but different things. Plus no reader wants to hear 24/7 about one topic over and over again. Variety can not only help you figure out what to write about, but it could increase your reader engagement too.
  • Start taking photographs of random items together and you’re sure to come up with some ideas off of photographs. I tend to come up with a post and then take the photo for it, but if I’m ever struggling, I just take whatever photos inspire me and see what comes from it. Maybe two blushes look great in a photo together and suddenly you have a brilliant idea to write a post about blush combos. You never know what’ll come from putting your usually blogging process on its head.
Blogging on a budget or no budget at all can seem like a daunting task when other blogs are featuring the newest items, but there are still tons of ways to keep blogging without having to buy new stuff. Leave any of your tips or suggestions in the comments so we can keep the discussion going!
Yours till the blog posts,