I’m not going to deny the fact that I can be quite lazy most days when it comes to tidying up. I’ve been hard at work trying to break myself of the 95% habit and complete tasks that final 5%. I’m the type of person who will take the clean clothes, fold them, and bring them into the closet just to abandon ship right before finishing the chore and putting them away. So when it comes to making my organizational life a little bit easier, I have one super simple trick.
Take a dish, put the things cluttering your counters into it. Boom. Your room just got a whole lot cleaner. I really enjoy the look of clean counter-tops, but there are just some things that demand to be out on display. Corralling them onto a tray or into a decorative dish not only adds an element of style to a room, but makes it look like you intended for these items to be out and about.
Simple. Effective. And my favorite organizational trick.
What’s your favorite organizational “hack?”
Yours till the paint chips,