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Summer Highlights

With the first day of fall come and gone I think it's about time I officially said goodbye to summer. Although the weather is still holding on, I must admit I'm pretty excited for everything autumn has to over. Yet this summer has to be one for the history books and as I was gathering photos that I thought really captured the season, it became that much more apparent.

We moved into our new house in March so we had a summer filled with exploring our new city, flowers in are gardens, and lots of delicious baking. We made countless meals in our kitchen in sheer excitement over the fact that more than one person could easily be in it without being squished. We made candy sushi, way too many desserts, and started building new memories.

But above all this summer, we got married at the tail end of it. I'm still eagerly waiting for the arrival of all of the photos and videos, but our photographer kindly gave us a few teaser shots to tide us over until then. It was a fairy-tale wedding I never thought could be possible. I still can't believe it and only when I finally see the video then I'll be able to no longer deny that it really did happen.

There will be many, many photo heavy wedding posts to come, but I just knew I couldn't say goodbye to this summer quietly as if it didn't mean anything to me. This was the summer that started the rest of our lives together. A new home, a marriage, and many memories I won't soon forget.

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