Over the weekend the inlaws came to visit us in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They’ve been to our home a few times, but we haven’t really had the opportunity to show them just why we love our city so much. Although the weather was pretty mediocre, we dodged the rain and took a trip to Frederik Meijer Gardens to wow them with its awesomeness. 
Alex and I have been here countless times before, but never in the fall and I just about died over all of the awesome decorations and pumpkins. It’s a gorgeous location with tons of things to do and you can never seem to see everything in one go. Right now Art Prize is going on so we were able to explore the gallery on site and see some larger instillation pieces. 
Our weekend continued to include a lot food, seeing the art downtown, and more food. But I failed as a lifestyle blogger and toted my camera around not really using it. The gardens however lent themselves to some very fun shots and its days like this weekend that make me want to constantly have my camera on me. 
The city is still quite new to us and Alex and I really need to devote some time to exploring it on our own. We always get so caught up in Oh, Hello that we barely take a break unless people are visiting us. Yet every time we go into the city we fall even more in love. So I’m excited to see where we end up next.