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Bloom by Estée Lalonde Review

Bloom by Estée Lalonde Review

I'm a big fan of Estée Lalonde. She's one of the first people I started reading and watching when I entered this crazy blogging/video making world. I still vividly remember driving to Toronto to meet her. Hundreds of other people had the same idea and only by luck did I end up next to her as the mob moved locations. We took a selfie together. She was fabulous and I felt awkward. Life made. So when she announced the release of a book about navigating style and life, I knew I had to support my home girl. 

The book is non-fiction, based on her life experiences and diving deeper into topics she never really mentions online. I love how the book is split up into sections from beauty to style to home. It feels cohesive in a way, like we're exploring the favorite aspects of her life in an orderly list. 

At first I wished Estée would dive deeper into some topics. She talked about her depression, but only for a page or two. I felt like I wasn't getting the complete story. But as I continued reading it became obvious that she purposely didn't feel the need to dwell on certain things. Life isn't about hanging on to the bad parts of your past, but acknowledging how they shaped who you are and moving on from them. 

What I love so much about this book is how I feel like I could have written it. All of her school struggles and body image struggles feel like I wrote them. Her transition into being more confident and finding her personal style feels as if we took the same path. It's all so relatable in such a deep down, personal way. 

There's one point of the novel in particular that stood out to me. She writes, "The relationship you have with yourself is the longest relationship you'll ever have." Sure it's kind of an obvious statement, but I never considered the fact that you can have a relationship with yourself and should. It felt like a door suddenly opened and "me time" and "treat yo self" took on a whole new meaning.

Overall Bloom feels like a road map to navigating the ups and downs everyone goes through but no one really wants to talk about. It's the perfect, gorgeous photograph filled book for young teens and girls going through that never-ending awkward phase. Estée doesn't tell you how to live your life, but how to be happy in your life. That feels like a much more genuine approach to self-help. 

It's always amazing to see fellow bloggers and YouTubers take steps beyond the computer screen into the real world. It gives hope for us little guys. 

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