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I Totally Get the Legging Obsession

I feel foolish for even admitting that it's taken me so long to get on the legging bandwagon. I've probably wasted years wearing regular pants when I could have been wearing butter-smooth, comfortable as hell leggings. How foolish I have been. Luckily for me my lovely husband has expanded our business to include leggings. So not only do I get to be ridiculously comfortable day in and day out, but I also get to do it while wearing our designs. Win, win.

I now own seven different pairs. The perfect number to wear a different one every single day of the week. Genius? I definitely think so. I have two personal favorites of the lot though that I find myself gravitating towards more at the start of the week. I just can't get over the Green Winter Blooms Leggings. I never think I'll like green clothing until it's in my possession. Then it becomes a serious love affair. I'm also really digging the Plum Leaf Leggings. Just simple enough that I can wear them out without getting strange looks, but not so boring that no one notices. Because that's apparently criteria I worry about.

We've be doing some serious expanding over at Oh, Hello. On top of leggings we've beefed up our greeting card collection, are starting to sell planner cases, and are constantly bringing new types of products into the shop. Sure stickers will always have a special place in our hearts and will be our main bread and butter, but it's fun to see our designs on other things too. Sign up for our newsletter if you want to stay up to date on all the craziness we're getting up to.

Consider me 100% on the legging bandwagon. The world needs to know about the comfort, fun, and just all around amazingness that is leggings.

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