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My First Knitting Project

So I'm here to tell you that anyone can knit. When I started about a month ago the only thing I had was a faint memory of knitting failures from middle school. Seriously how can someone start out making a scarf then end up with a jagged looking triangle from accidentally added stitches?! Yet knitting has totally become much more doable all thanks to the internet.

It's crazy to think that I sucked at knitting because I didn't have the handy dandy internet to help me, but it was just getting started during my initial failed attempts. All I had was a crappy tutorial DVD and a little book that came with the beginner supplies. Now you can literally look up anything and everything and have tons of how to videos to guide you.

Plus the patterns. I never even knew about all the patterns! I was turned on to a lovely website called Ravelry where this cute little (and pretty straightforward) owl pattern just waited to be made. There are loads of free patterns with handy guides next to the instructions to explain all the knitting jargon us newbies never understand. If I still didn't know how to do a certain step, I would just google it and watch a tutorial. Now I know how to add stitches, on purpose.

Now I'm definitely no expert and must admit I also have a knitting guru in my neighborhood helping me out when I twist something or get into a panic. Hopefully as I get better I can provide some actual tips, resources, and tricks to people who want to get started. Until then though all I can do is share my projects and encourage you to give it a try, it really isn't as hard as you think it is.

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