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My Prima Planner Walk-Through and Review

My Prima Planner Walk-Through and Review

My Prima Planner Walk-Through and Review

My Prima Planner Walk-Through and Review

My Prima Planner Walk-Through and Review

My Prima Planner Walk-Through and Review

When there's a new planner hitting the scene, my greedy little hands are all over it. You never know if the perfect organizational system is just one planner away, so I'm down to try anything and everything for the pursuit of planner peace. I was lucky enough to get an advanced shipment of the new My Prima Planner collection that's expected to launch in a few days. And it's oh so good.

I received the "Breathe" A5 sized planner with rose gold accents. Lush to the max. The cover is plush and heavy duty to protect all the goods inside. There are tons of pockets to store notes, coupons, and cute details on the side and back covers of the planner. Plus the rose gold hardware and clasp add an elegant touch. There are a few other planner options as well, but this one seemed so simple and elegant I couldn't resist.

The contents of the planner itself are seriously beefy. A whole year of undated horizontal layout sheets that also feature a lot of brainstorming pages and room for creativity. Plus each month comes with three different dashboards that you can rearrange and create your own sections beyond just the calendar.

This planner feels like a creative organizers dream. Tons of things to color, arrange, and transform the planner into an inspiring place. I love that I can take everything I don't want out in seconds and only have the necessary pieces left. 

I think the true winners in this launch are the accessories. Prima went all out and created a huge collection of paperclips, sticky notes, stickers, tassels, and bookmarks. Plus you can get even ore color-able dashboards if the three per month that come with the planner don't suit your fancy. Even if you aren't in the market for a new planner, the accessories alone are worth checking out. I've never been so obsessed with binder clips in my entire life, but these rose gold ones give my life purpose. Who can resist some good stationery?!

It's nice to see more companies getting into the planner game and taking it serious. Long gone are the days are lackluster planner launches that are missing more than they offer. Now to piece together the perfect planner and find a reason to use it!

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