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September Favorites

From getting married to diving into decorating our guest bedroom, this month has been as fun as it's been busy. Yet I've managed to wrap up my favorites to six things.

My new hairstyle is definitely on the top of the list for this month's favorite thing. I wrote a whole blog post about it, but I'm still finding fun new ways to wear it. I'm even considering going a little bit shorter the next haircut. Who have I become?!

As for beauty products this month has been a little lax. There are a lot of new products coming into rotation, but nothing I've used long enough to form a full opinion on. I have, however used the Redken One United All-in-One Treatment for a good chunk of this month and love all that it does for my hair. It boasts of doing 25 different things all at once. But for me I love that it protects my hair from heat damage while keeping it shiny and not weighing it down. Plus it smells great which is almost a must for hair products.

No white space planning has become my style of choice this month as I've been really digging the kits we've been producing. No white space planning means I can use up more stickers every week and push the kits to their fullest potential. I've since said goodbye to the hourly and have returned to my first love. The vertical just seems to be where I'm at in my planning style these days, so a switch felt necessary.

Decorating the guest bedroom has been an amazing experience that I've always wanted to do. I've been interested in interiors since I was young and have finally gotten the time and means to give it an honest go. We decided to tackle the guest bedroom first before any other room in the house so our many guests would be more comfortable than sleeping on a mattress on the floor. The room is basically done apart from needing a few more wall pieces and a nick-nack here or there. It's turned out better than I could have hoped for and I definitely have the interior design itch now. I just have to decide which room to go after next.

Fall decorations have been put up and we recently added a few more to our collection. Owning a house has become even more wonderful now that we're getting into the good holidays to decorate for. I can only imagine how magical it'll be come Christmas time. I already know where I'm putting the tree! Fall is my favorite season though so the decorations just had to come out at the first sign of a chill in the air. Ok, I'll be honest. I put them out even before that...

In my quest for artwork for our space-themed guest bedroom I stumbled upon a series of plant/cacti artwork (similar) that I just had to have. I'm not entirely sure where they're going to end up, but I think my currently blank slate of an office would be a nice match. They were too perfect to pass up when I saw them at Hobby Lobby. Plus they were all on sale so I just couldn't resist.

It's crazy to see how much favorites change over the months. Last year you could find me ranting on about lipsticks and mascaras and now it's almost exclusively home decor related. Man how things change, but I'm more than ok with it.

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