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The Body Shop's At Home Facial Collection

The Body Shop's At Home Facial Collection

The Body Shop's At Home Facial Collection

This package landed on my doorstep about a month ago and I still get giddy looking at it. The Body Shop recently released their At Home Facial Collection and it's everything I didn't know I needed.

The packaging for each of the masks is seriously luxurious. Heavy glass jars, crisp color coordinated labels, and a satisfying twist off lid. The kind of packaging that makes you feel like you're in an old age apothecary where you know products are going to work magic. Every mask is a different color inside and works to target different problem areas. Plus they're 100% vegetarian which always makes me feel fancy. Let's run through the magical pots of goodness.

First up is the Amazonian Acai Energizing Radiance Mask. A lovely berry shade, this mask works to wake up the skin, making it more vibrant and healthier looking. If you're a busy student or a working mom with children, this is right up your alley.

One of my favorites of the bunch is the Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask. Looking very similar to actual honey, this mask is all about comforting dry skin and adding much need nourishment. It instantly made my skin feel more moisturized and helped retain hydration longer. Most of my skincare only works for most of the day and I'm left with dry, almost painful skin. This mask kept my skin feeling better, longer.

The Chinese Ginseng and Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask tones the skin while removing dullness and unevenness. It claims to minimize pores while reducing imperfections. I could definitely seem the redness reduce on problem areas on my face and the bright white mask was fun to slather all over my face. I may have meandered around the house acting like a ghost for a few minutes...

Next up is the British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask. Another of my favorites from the lineup, this mask smells amazing and is very similar to the Amazonian Acai mask in color and texture. This is another mask option that's great if you have tight, dry skin like I do. I swear some mornings I wake up and my skin feels so tight that it actually hurts. This mask has aloe to comfort and calm the skin while quenching the skin with much needed moisture. 

Last in the collection is the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask. This bad boy reminds me a lot of the Origins Mask with a similar name. I'm obsessed with that mask so this one fit in quite nicely to my normal routine. I find charcoal masks excellent at getting really deep down into the pores and cleaning out anything that's managed to escape regular cleansing. I never do the full time amount on these masks since my skin is so dry, but even a shortened amount still provides great results. 

Now to be completely honest, I couldn't really tell a massive difference between each of the masks when I tried them out over the past few weeks. But what I can tell is that all of them made my skin happier, healthier looking, and just better. I'd suggest picking up one or two that suit your targeted issues and leave it at that. They're all packed with amazing ingredients that won't clog up or harm your skin. 

If I had to pick just one or two it'd be the Charcoal mask to clean out any junk and the Honey mask to restore all the good stuff back. They complement each other nicely and I fond myself reaching for them over the others when in the mood for a mask. It's definitely becoming apparent that my go to skincare brand is The Body Shop. I'd be more than happy to write up a post featuring my favorites if you're interested!

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