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Three Different Shoe Styles to Wear with Tights | ft. Berkshire Tights

Three Different Shoe Styles to Wear with Tights

With autumn in full, cold swing it's definitely time for tights and scarves to be added to the daily uniform. Lately I've been seriously loving Berkshire Tights*. Usually I'm not picky, but the brand has a wide range of different colors and styles that I've become a little partial. I get so tired of wearing the same types of shoes day in and day out with tights so I'm mixing things up to make it a whole lot easier to wear tights every day of the week. Because they're basically more transparent leggings and I'm all about that life.

First up is the classic heel. Nothing looks more cozy and stylish than a pair of heels with tights. I find I can wear heels a lot longer when there are tights in the mix to keep the shoes from rubbing or pinching. Combining a shiny shoe with matte tights creates a really nice contrast and looks like you put a lot more effort in than you actually did. My favorite thing.

If you're more of an edgy dresser which I am definitely not, adding a funky pair of socks to biker boots can really toughen up a look. The fun sock trick can also work for boots in general, but my favorite is a shorter ankle boot with just the slightest bit of sock popping out of the top. Cute socks demand to be seen! I'm downright obsessed with these sushi socks from Oh, Hello. And I don't even like sushi!

There's just something about a quirky pair of oxfords that makes me feel like Rory at Chilton from Gilmore Girls. I can't get over the cute school girl vibe while being ten times more comfortable. There's nothing like wearing a pair of flats or tennis shoes with tights. 

Tights definitely shouldn't be just for formal occasions. Let's not limit the poor guys to just one genre of outfits. Think outside of the box and throw on a random pair of shoes just for fun. It could be just the thing to snazz up your outfit without having to buy anything new.

*Use code BLOGGER15 at until 12/16/16 to save 15% off your order and get free shipping!

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