A Bullet Journal Update
I recently started bullet journaling in my Erin Condren journal and felt it time for a check in. Plot twist. It’s not going well. I’m pretty sure the first time I even touched the journal in weeks was to take this photo. Yikes. I’d like to say that I think 2017 will be better, but I highly doubt that. Bullet journaling just isn’t for me.
There are a few reasons actually. It’s hard for me to keep up with something every single day. The good thing about planning is I can check what I need to accomplish, but I don’t have to actively contribute to it on a daily basis. And if I’m having a particularly busy weekend I won’t look at my planner at all. Bullet journaling demands a bit more attention than I’m able to get it.
I’m also not very artistically inclined. Sure I can design a sticker like a pro, but when it comes to putting paper and pen together it’s a hot mess. If I were to truly pursue bullet journaling I’d have to develop a lot more talent than I currently have. I guess I could fumble through it and that be the journey itself, but I don’t have a lot of spare time in my day to devote to something that just doesn’t seem to be going well.
So my first bullet journal update is to say that I’m giving it a rest. I do have a few plans in the works for my organizational method for 2017 however that are definitely more my speed. Plus it includes some non-Erin Condren materials which is always a shock when it comes to me and planning.
Do you bullet journal? What do you include?