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Gearing Up for the Holidays

The holidays are coming my friends and I'm in full-on get everything done mode. I've been gathering gifts for a few months now, but it's officially time to get serious. I've always been a fan of Christmas, but there's just something about owning my own home that has made me go nuts for it. Alex has to stop me practically every single day from putting up our Christmas tree, I'm just that excited. When the first snow hits Michigan, it's going up for sure. We usually see snow at this point in the year, so it's like the weather doesn't want me going into full on Christmas mode yet either.

Now is the time to start doing shopping research. I tend to buy things throughout the year, but stores start releasing or announcing sales around this time of the year. Sephora is doing their VIB sale in a few days, Black Friday is right around the corner, and sale catalogs are coming out. I've already started setting up my plan of attack, pre-filling my online shopping carts, and waiting patiently for the sales to start. I find this prep work makes sure I don't forget anyone and have ample time to really think about gift lists. 

The holiday season is also my favorite time to shop for myself. Sure I should be focusing on loved ones more, but the gifts with purchase and limited edition kits are too good to pass up. Plus there are always incredibly cute Christmas themed goodies like these ornaments from IT Cosmetics. Combining beauty with one of my favorite holidays? I'll take twenty. Stocking stuffers are a breeze to find and one of my favorite things to shop for.

How are you gearing up for the holidays? Are you a prepped and prepared planner like me or are you a last minute shopper?

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