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Go Ahead, Steal My Holiday Wishlist Ideas

At first I thought compiling this list would be hard. For weeks Alex has been asking me what I want for Christmas and I've been coming up empty. Yet twenty minutes browsing some of my favorite shops and I have ten holiday wishlist items that you're totally allowed to steal for yourself.

I've had my eye on the MAC Liptensity Lipsticks (1) for quite a while now and have narrowed down the wish list to just two. With them next to each other they basically look the same, so any friends or family out there reading this, I'd be happy with either one. I've been over-googling swatches of both "Smoked Almond" and "Toast and Butter" for weeks.

Cute little decorations have been on my radar since moving into our new house and I just couldn't help but fall in love with this ceramic balloon dog bookend (2). How cute is it?! It would look great on another item I've been wanting lately or up in my office. I don't think I'd have any trouble finding it a home.

Despite my best efforts my minimalist makeup collection has been expanding lately. Enough so that I could use another acrylic storage unit (3) to organize my palettes and extra odds and ends. I love this brand in particular because they have tons of different coordinating sizes and setups. There's definitely an organizational unit for everyone.

This next wishlist item is very much on the practical side of things, but probably my most wanted thing. I've been contemplating floating shelves just like these (4) from Target for months now. I have three or four different locations in our house I want to use them to display all our fun travel items and collections. 

I'm still head over heels for enamel pins and this cat donut one (5) would be a great addition to my collection. My love of doughnuts and cats all wrapped up into one cute little package.

It's only around the holidays that I really get an itch for new LUSH products. I love the one with the rainbow on it, but couldn't seem to find it on the website. Of course I fell down the LUSH rabbit hole and ended up adding the Candy Mountain bubble bar (6) to my wishlist. A perfect mixture of vanilla and bubbles? I'll take twelve.

As a fan of letter writing and of Disney, this Art of Disney Postcard Set (7) would be the perfect gift. Sure it's a collectors item, but I'd still send them to friends and family to say hello. When it comes to stationery supplies I'm a strong believer in using what I've got rather than hording. I'd love every second of flipping through this set while hunting for the perfect one to send out. Disney fans and stationery fans would love this one.

Last year Alex got me this Corgi Calendar (8) and I loved having it on display in my office. The year's almost up so I could definitely use another one. Here's hoping 2017 is the year that an actual corgi will make their debut in our home!

We host a lot of dinner parties and events at our house so a cookbook dedicated to appetizers (9) is just what I need to keep our meals unique and entertaining. This particular book has over 225 recipes all with photos. I find photos to be super important to me when I'm trying a recipe for the first time so the fact that every single recipe in this book has one is downright amazing!

My last wishlist item is the most unique of the lot and would floor anyone on your wishlist. I'd love to get my home custom made into an ornament by the ever talented Oddly and Company. (10) She only does orders every once and a while so even getting on her schedule would be difficult, but one day I would love to have one to remember this home by. Her attention to detail is out of this world and all of her work turns out amazing. I may heavily stalk her Instagram.

So whether you're a friend or family member or mine, or just a nosy pal looking to add a few things to your own wishlist, these are the goodies that would make me flip with excitement this year. 

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