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Going Back to the Beginning

When Oh, Hello started over two years ago, I originally thought it was going to be a stationery shop. It quickly snowballed into the sticker beast that it is today, but I've always had this lingering desire to return it, if only slightly, back to its roots. I toyed with the idea of creating a New Year's Resolution to add the stationery back into the business, but why what for that start of a new calendar year when I could do it now?

Over the past two weeks I've made stationery a priority. I've designed dozens of new greeting cards, updated the photos for all our existing cards, and began promoting our hidden gems better. And it feels great. It feels amazing to return to why I started Oh, Hello in the first place. I've been able to talk all of the sticker designs Alex has been creating for years and give them a second life. It's crazy the extent of our design archives so it's nice to be able to put them to good use.

I've even created a monthly greeting card subscription where subscribers will get five random, holiday relevant cards delivered every month. It's only $7 a month for the reoccurring subscription so it's a much more affordable monthly option than nearly all other subscriptions out there. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to do it, but decided to stop constantly second guessing myself and commit. You never know unless you try right?

I don't want to just stop with greeting cards. I want to full immerse myself into stationery and beef up Oh, Hello's product list even more. I'm talking notepads, sticky notes, and journals. Keep the enamel pins following too. These are the products that really make me excited about the future of the business. It would be ignorant to think stickers will last forever and it finally feels like I'm getting back to our roots. 

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