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Perfect Christmas Gifts for the Beauty Addict in Your Life

Perfect Christmas Gifts for the Beauty Addict in Your Life

Perfect Christmas Gifts for the Beauty Addict in Your Life

Perfect Christmas Gifts for the Beauty Addict in Your Life

Perfect Christmas Gifts for the Beauty Addict in Your Life

Prepare yourself for this one because it's shaping up to be a big'un. Gift guides tend to go that way when they're about things I'm a little too nuts over. Beauty bits top that list. So whether or not you're looking for some things to pop onto your list or need some help buying for a beauty addict in your life, I've got you covered.

For the newbie it's all about the palettes. Makeup can be pretty daunting to get into so a nice, quality palette can go a long way. Nothing trumps the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. Literally any would make even the mellowest beauty girl squeal with excitement. I jump around from favorite to favorite but right now I'm really digging the Naked 2 palette for its cooler tones and the Smokey palette for its wider range of options. If you aren't looking to spend a good chunk of change then there are always really cute ornament and mini stocking stuffer products like these from IT Cosmetics to appease the beauty beginner while not breaking the bank. 

For the makeup junkie you can't go wrong with getting them brushes or a new face palette. Since they're already addicted to makeup, these brush sets from IT Cosmetics are a great gift as they probably hate to have to wash their brushes constantly. Best way to solve that strife? Get more brushes. Between the All the Glitters Brush Set and the City Chic one, I prefer City Chic as it has a more unique set of brushes. If you're looking for a nice quality basic set All that Glitters is the one you should snag.

If they're addicted to makeup then they already have their fair share of eye shadow palettes. Face palettes on the other hand are finally getting their time in the sun. My particular favorite is the IT Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi palette. I wrote a full review of it recently if you want more detailed information, but it has every product an addict will need to complete their look.

For the skincare lover nothing will excite them more than one of the new Body Shop At Home Facial masks. They have one to suit all skin types and needs, so ask a few questions of your skincare lover to find out exactly which one would be perfect for them. They're gorgeous glass containers with a ton of product so it really would be quite the luxurious gift. If you want full reviews of each of the masks I've written up a handy post.

For the hair obsessed if they don't own Bumble and Bumble's Sunday Shampoo you need to buy it for them immediately. Another product that's had a full review done on it, it's the best clarifying shampoo around. So if they're product lovers and really load up their hair throughout the week, this will work wonders at getting all the build-up out in a snap.

Most beauty addicts will have a pre-made wishlist already in waiting for big events like Christmas, but if you aren't sure what to get them or don't know how to access that always growing list of theirs, these items would sure to make them beyond excited. Plus the Sephora VIB Sale is going on right now so you can save 20% on most of these gifts!

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