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Planner Addict Holiday Gift Guide and GIVEAWAY!

Let's stop denying it any longer. Christmas is coming my friends and we all need to get on the gift buying wagon before we've run out of time to get it all done. As per tradition I'm coming at you with a few holiday gift guides over the next few weeks. First up has to be planner related goodies. It's a passion so near and dear to my heart it had to be first. So pass this on as a not-so-gentle nudge to your friends and family or start making your list for the people in your life.

I find that Erin Condren Journals are my go-to gift when I haven't a clue what to give someone. I married into a sizable family and now have a lot of brother and sister-in-laws to shop for. I've made my life a billion times easier and have gotten customized journals for literally every single woman on Alex's side. They're personal enough that it seems like I put thought into the gift while making it so I don't have to stress out. I currently really love the dot grid option since it's great for bullet journaling!

If you know your planner addict is serious about their pre-planning, definitely get them the Erin Condren Sticky Notes. They're a super cute way to get future plans in place before the stickers come out. There are quite a few options besides the classic ones to choose from too if you're looking for some variety.

My Prima Planner Paperclips and other accessories are the perfect way to let your planner obsessed pal know that you understand them, without having to worry about accidentally getting them something they already have. There are tons of different things to choose from that are not only cute, but functional for a ton of different styles of planners.

If you want to get a planner gal something but don't necessarily want to get them a stereotypical planner related item, enamel pins are a great alternative! Pins are like stickers, but much more tangible, three dimensional, and wearable without looking like you're a preschool teacher. You can put enamel pins on tote bags, planner cases, and even on the coil of a planner! It's a great, non-traditional gift that's still relevant!

Although practical, pens make a great gift for the planner obsessed. If you want to really be a crowd pleasure than get a larger pack of the Papermate InkJoy Gel Pens. They're the best, smoothest, thickest pens I've ever tried. Plus I constantly have to make sure I get them back from people who ask to borrow a pen. If not these definitely "walk away." While you're at it, you're probably going to want to get a set for yourself.

Planner cases are by far the coolest gift you could give this year. They're excellent at keeping planners safe while having tons of room for extra supplies for on-the-go planning. Plus you can customize them so everyone on your list can feel extra fancy.

Magnetic bookmarks are a great finishing touch to a gift or perfect if you're on the hunt for cute stocking stuffers. My favorite shop is CraftedVan, but there are literally tons on Etsy that produce nice quality, unique bookmarks. Plus you can double dip and get some for book lovers on your list too!

If the planner addict in your life also happens to be seriously washi tape obsessed, then getting them an organizer (or two, or three) would make you the holiday hero. I love this three drawer unit because it has built in dividers that hold the washi tape in place so they don't slide around. It's also great for other planner supplies like bookmarks and paperclips. If you know they have a large collection, get them a few that they can stack on top of each other.

Just in case there's someone on your list that's into stationery but not overly into planning or too young to really get into it yet, these folders from Erin Condren are seriously luxurious. They're just a special little something to make school or work a touch more enjoyable. They're the best quality folders I've ever experienced and they make me want to get super organized. 

Phew. The perfect gifts for the planner addict all wrapped up into a nice blog post, video package. Now get to shopping before Christmas sneaks up on us!

To make the whole shopping experience a little bit easier, I'm giving away a few of the gift guide items! Giveaway is open internationally to anyone 18 and up or with parental consent! Use them to bulk up a gift or save them for yourself. No one will have to know!

Good luck!

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