What's In My Planning Bag
I very rarely travel with my planner these days, but if I do I have my system down to a science. I keep all of supplies in an Erin Condren Carry All Clutch (cheaper option), including my planner itself.
Planner cases are super stretchy so you can really pack things in there. I keep my supplies separated from the actual planner to avoid unnecessary scratching and wear. Everything I tote around with me goes into another, smaller Erin Condren pouch that slides nicely into the case without any trouble.
On average I tend to keep a variety of different pens all serving different purposes. Isn’t that always the case with planner addicts? A million and one pens all for a different use. I personally prefer black. I’ve dabbled with other colors in the past, but I’m a black writing utensil girl through and through. The fine point sharpie is to write on the laminated dashboards in my planner. The sharpie won’t smudge or come off on its own so it’s the perfect tool to write removable to do lists. In order to remove the sharpie from the dashboards I have a dry erase marker and a travel package of Kleenex. It’s a snap to cover the sharpie with the dry erase marker and wipe everything off with a tissue. 
The sharpie pen is for writing on the planner itself. It doesn’t bleed through between the pages so if I’m not writing on a sticker this is the only pen I’ll use on the actual planner. It also works great on the stickers themselves. If I want a thicker stroke and bolder line on stickers it’s all about the Papermate Ink Joy Gel pens. Damn are these fantastic pens. They do leave a shadow if written directly onto the planner, but I use them for literally everything hand written. 
As for other bits and bobs I always have a pair of scissors on hand mostly because I find I need them for random things throughout the day. I don’t think I’ve ever actually used them for on-the-go planning purposes, but it’s nice to have them just in case. I always have a few sheets of Blobby around too because he’s just too cute to miss any opportunity to use one. 
I’m a no-fuss kind of on-the-go planner girl. Travel planning however is a different story…