Don’t think I forgot about the wedding posts. I’ve been saving them up, big time. Plus we finally got the final photos so we’re good and ready to get deep into the nitty gritty of the wedding. I’m excited. It’s like reliving the day over and over again.
The details definitely made the wedding so special. Sure I found that I stressed about them more than anything else before the big day, but they’re what really put things over the top. We had so many signs to help guide guests and to include them in the wedding festivities. Finding the signs was a feat in itself and then figuring out what to write on them was an even bigger struggle. Luckily my mom swooped in and had it all under control. My family and my bridesmaids really took a lot of the stress off near the end.
The cake had poppies on it as a nice not-so-subtle wink to Oh, Hello. My garter was Doctor Who themed because that’s how Alex and I started talking. I brought the hat my grandpa always used to wear because he was no longer with us. We took a massive group photo during the reception to remember everyone who came. The extra little effort changed everything.
But my absolute favorite detail I didn’t even know about until the wedding weekend began. My maid of honor Lauren brought Fox in Sox, in a bow tie no less. Story time. Lauren moved to China for the last two years of high school. It was a big blow to me as we were inseparable before that. So I devised a plan. I got us both Fox in Sox stuffed animals to act as a “replacement” of the other person. So whenever we did anything that we would have normally done together, we took photos with our foxes instead. We have photo albums filled with us on our separate adventures holding our foxes. Fox in Sox saved our friendship throughout those years apart and he made an appearance at my wedding and in Lauren’s maid of honor speech. I cried buckets. Sure everyone else didn’t have a clue what was going on, but it was that special moment between me and my best friend that sent the entire magical day over the top.