Why You Should Tell People About Your Blog
For the longest time I was a strong advocate for keeping my online passions a secret. My blog stayed quiet for a good year before it started to slowly leak out into the real world. Now literally everything I do online I talk about, including this new children’s Youtube channel I started. Although it’s been a bit embarrassing at times when everyone knows about this blog and the content I produce on it, it’s been much more rewarding than not. So here’s why you should tell people about your blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, etc.
  • It’s who you are, and you shouldn’t hide something that makes you, you. When people didn’t know about my blog it felt like I was hiding myself from them. I didn’t feel like I could be anyone’s true friend if I was just leaving out this huge part of my life because I was worried about what people might think.
  • It won’t be as bad as you think. And if people are jerks, then they shouldn’t be in your life if they can’t support something you’re interested in. When I shared my blog and channel with everyone there was a few jokes from some of the not-so-close guy Facebook friends. But the ones who made those jokes ended up being the ones randomly binge watching my videos and really enjoying my content.
  • It could help you land a job by showing dedication, consistency, writing skills, photography skills, and your ability to pursue something that doesn’t have a monetary goal or driving force. I landed my first big job after college by including my blog in my resume. They were looking for someone who could write news articles and blog posts so what better way than to show them that very thing I was already doing?
  • If you tell people, it becomes more real. Before I told people about my online life, I myself didn’t take it all too seriously. But when people I knew started looking out for posts and videos, I felt more responsible for the content I was creating. It felt nice to give what I was doing weight.
  • Because you should be proud of what you create and share it for the world! There’s nothing like the absolute pointless feeling of writing to an empty room. Sharing your work makes it live and breathe and that’s pretty fantastic.

If you’re still unsure, take it slowly. You don’t have to start sharing everything you do on Facebook, but tell a few close friends and see where that takes you.