Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been collecting things. It started out with erasers. In kindergarten I stole some fast food shaped erasers from the classroom to start off my collection. Years later I would have thousands of different types, sizes, and shapes. Although my eraser collection has been since divided, donated, and used for Oh, Hello purposes, I’m still a collecting nut. These aren’t even all of my collections represented. Let’s not forget enamel pins and squishes shall we?
There’s something so satisfying about collecting. About working towards a goal just for the sake of the process rather than the end result. Collections are glimpses into a person’s passions, interests, and pasts. A lot of my collections I’ve had for years while a few are recent additions. I’m finally saying ‘hello’ to Hello Kitty.
I’ve started as many collections as I’ve quit, but the passion and love for the process hasn’t left. I never feel in a hurry to collect more things either. I’m not out buying the newest Pez dispensers or scouring EBay for anything Rugrats themed. I’m more into an organic acquisition. If I stumble upon something that’ll fit, I may pick it up. I’m not eager to ‘complete’ collections. After that then what’s the point?
My favorite of all my little collections has to be my children’s books. These were my favorites growing up and of course I stole them away to start my own collection. No good collection doesn’t start with some innocent thievery right?
I’m definitely in the business of collecting collections. I’m curious to know what sort of things you collect!