If You Take Your Blog Seriously, Others Will Too


I’m in the process of really investing in this blog. For years it’s been just a casual place to come to when I felt like writing. I don’t want the passion behind the blog to change, but it feels like time to give it a true purpose. So I’ve been taking it more serious. I created a media kit, I’ve started to put value in what I’m doing, and projecting that outward.
My resolve to take my blog seriously has already been tested. I wouldn’t necessarily say it went badly, but it definitely forced me once and for all to stand by my guns and not get pushed around just because in my head I consider my blog to be small. Brands contact me occasionally to send PR samples for consideration. More often than not they understand that it’s just for consideration, not necessarily for a dedicated blog post unless we discuss that. I also have a disclaimer page made public so anyone interested in working together or anyone who reads my blog knows how I deal with partnerships. 
I decided with this particular brand that it was time to start taking myself seriously. I had already agreed to consider their products, but I decided to send along my media kit for their records and to mention that I now offer sponsored posts. They somewhat coldly declined a larger collaboration stating that the products they sent meant a review was expected. Not how I had hoped it would go in my efforts to put substantial growth behind my blog. Rather than caving like I probably would have in the past to appease them, I responded thoughtfully that I’d be giving my honest review regardless (just like my disclaimer states) of whether or not they wanted to sponsor a post and kindly hoped they would save my media kit for future reference.
So sure it didn’t go exactly how I would have hoped and they probably won’t consider me in the future as I’m not an “easy PR bump”, but I didn’t let a brand push me around. In the future I’ll be sure to send my media kit and a clear link to my disclaimer at the beginning of a discussion. Although this relationship didn’t work out, at least I can learn from the experience to work on a more professional level next time.
 That’s one thing about blogging that no one ever talks about. It’s always about getting big enough to get brands to notice you and send you free stuff, but people rarely talk about how to deal with brands on a professional level once they do notice. If you don’t take what you’re doing seriously, no one else will. At the end of the day, it’s your name on the blog and your credibility. Sure to you it may feel like you’re just sitting in your bed typing up your thoughts, but behind that act is a brand with followers and a reach brands value. 
Although it’s off to a somewhat rocky start, I’m making an honest effort to stop seeing this blog as a silly little hobby and more of a force to be reckoned with. All thanks to you guys reading and supporting me I feel confident enough to continue to not be swayed to post positive reviews just because a company sent me something.